Straight Line Operators Level 2 (SLO 2)

The BWSW Straight-Line Cable Operator Qualification is broken down into three parts.

Straight-Line Operator Level 2 (SLO2):

The SLO2 is a more advanced assessment of the candidate’s knowledge and ability with operating a straight-line cable. The candidate will complete a written and practical test; upon passing the test and once the relevant fees are paid the candidate will be qualified to operate a straight-line cable unsupervised.

How long is each part of the Straight-Line Operator qualification?

SLO1: 1-day course providing that the candidate works hard and achieves the minimum level of competency.

STG: Please note, that there is no specific amount of time to compete the Supervised Training Guide. This is achieved once the candidate has satisfactorily completed all of the skills on the guide. However, the more time the candidate spends operating will increase the chances of them completing it quickly.

SLO2: This comprises of a written and practical assessment. The written test should take no more than 30 minutes with the practical assessment taking no more than 20 minutes.

Do I have to complete the SLO1 before the SLO2?

Yes, even if you are an extremely experienced operator you will need to complete the SLO1 first.