Straight Line Operators Level 1 (SLO 1)

The BWSW Straight-Line Cable Operator Qualification is broken down into three parts.

Straight-Line Cable Operator Level 1 (SLO1):

The Straight-Line Cable Operator qualification is designed for anyone looking to learn and develop their skills as a cable operator. The majority of the learning occurs during the SLO1. During this time candidates will complete a mixture of theoretical and practical based learning & assessment. The SLO1 is an all-day assessment based upon your ability to understand the key safety elements of the cable, including a basic operating assessment.

Once the candidate has passed this assessment, they will be able to operate a straight-line cable whilst under direct supervision. This is to allow the candidate to gain the necessary skills to prepare them for operating a straight-line cable on their own. The candidate will complete the Supervised Training Guide (STG) whilst they are practicing for their Straight-Line Cable Operating Level 2 Assessment (SLO2). 

Supervised Training Guide (STG):

The STG will help the candidate structure the relevant skills they will need to practice before moving onto the SLO2. This will be given to them by the principal who assessed them during SLO1. Once the candidate has displayed the skills required and the Principal is happy that the STG has been completed, the candidate can move onto the SLO2.

How long is each part of the Straight-Line Operator qualification?

SLO1: 1-day course providing that the candidate works hard and achieves the minimum level of competency.

STG: Please note, that there is no specific amount of time to compete the Supervised Training Guide. This is achieved once the candidate has satisfactorily completed all of the skills on the guide. However, the more time the candidate spends operating will increase the chances of them completing it quickly.

Do I have to complete the SLO1 before the SLO2?

Yes, even if you are an extremely experienced operator you will need to complete the SLO1 first.