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Your safety in water-based environments is our top priority. Dive into a realm of comprehensive training, tailored to meet the demands of aqua parks and water sports regulations in the UK.

Our Training

Based in the heart of Lincolnshire, Aqua Park Training is your trusted partner in ensuring everyone stays safe in the water.

Lifeguard Courses

  • Aqua Park Module – RLSS
  • Open Water Lifeguard (OWL) Courses – RLSS

First Aid

  • First Aid at Work (FAW) – RLSS
  • Paediatric First Aid (PFA) – RLSS
  • Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) – RLSS
  • Emergency Paediatric First Aid (EPFA) – RLSS
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) – RLSS
  • Anaphylaxis Management (AM) – RLSS

Boat Driving

  • Cable Boat / Safety Boat Driver – BWSW
  • Speed Boat Drivers Level 1 – Inland Waters Only (SBD1) – BWSW
  • Speed Boat Drivers Level 2 (SBD2) – BWSW

Cable Courses

  • Straight Line Operators Level 1 (SLO 1) – BWSW
  • Straight Line Operators Level 2 (SLO 2) – BWSW

Water Safety

  • Water Rescue Equipment Training (WRET) – RLSS
  • Open Water Endorsement (OWE) – RLSS

Custom Operating Procedures Development

Need to establish water safety protocols for your facility? We specialise in creating bespoke Operating Procedures tailored to your needs. Benefit from our years of expertise and ensure the smooth, safe operation of your water-based establishment.

Aqua Park Training: Your Partner for Complete Business Support

With our years of experience operating successful sites, Aqua Park Training is proud to offer a range of comprehensive services. Whether you need assistance launching your business or require an audit of your current procedures and policies, we’re here to provide expert support every step of the way. Rely on us to cater to all your business needs and ensure your success.

Water safety isn’t a choice; it’s a responsibility.

Train with the UK’s best, and ensure peace of mind at every splash.

Why Choose Aqua Park Training in the UK?


Our team is composed of seasoned professionals passionate about water safety.


We don't just teach; we empower. Our hands-on approach ensures you walk away with actionable skills.


Based in Lincolnshire? Great! Elsewhere in the UK? No problem! We offer on-site training for teams across the UK.


Beyond training, we offer tailored solutions for parks and resorts, ensuring you operate at the highest safety standards.

Aqua Training Courses

Meet the Team

Suzi Nightingale

Passionate about all things Water Sports and involved in operating Water Sports sites for over 15years. 

Emma Huckle

Water baby at heart and loves training to ensure safety within the industry, 8 years experience in all things water based.

Alice Nightingale

With 8 years experience, Alice is very hands on and really enjoys the challenge of training new team members to deliver the best sessions.

Dan Gordon

Dan has a passion for teaching, and loves to be involved in all things water based, with 9 years experience under his belt.